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PhD studies represents the third cycle of university studies in accordance with Bologna Process and permits aquisition of the qualification level 8 acording to National Qualifications Framework.

Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (UTCB), acting as Institution administering Doctoral Studies (IOSUD), organizes doctoral studies in the hierarcy fundamental domain „Engineering Sciencies”, in the following science branches and domains:

 Branch of science: Civil Engineering:

o   Doctoral studies field: Civil Engineering and Installations;

o   Doctoral studies field: Geodetic Engineering.

 Branch of science: Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications:

o   Doctoral studies field: Electrical Engineering;

 Branch of science: Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Industrial Engineering and Management:

o   Doctoral studies field: Mechanical Engineering;

o   Doctoral studies field: Industrial Engineering.

Whithin UTCB there is only one Doctoral School in which it operates a number of 71 prestigious doctoral supervisors and over 250 doctoral students.

The Doctoral School of the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest is constituted according to the law in force, respectively National Education Law no. 1/2011 with subsequent amendments and the Code of University Doctoral Studies, approved by Government Decision no. 681/2011, with subsequent amendments.

Doctoral study programs provides professional skills formation in the doctoral fields, as well as of transversal competences, such as mentioned:

 Professional Skills:

·         advanced knowledge in the field of doctorate;

·         mastery of advanced research methods and techniques;

·         knowledge of research project management;

·         mastery of the new research processes and solutions;

·         understanding and ability to apply the scientific research ethics principles and values ​​ in the doctoral field.

 Transversal competences:

·         communication skills, written and oral, in science and culture fields;

·         use information and communication technology;

·         knowledge management of human, material and financial resources;

·         leadership qualities;

·         knowledge of career management;

·         economic, technological and social entrepreneurial abilities.